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This page contains links to each of the organisations who have given their support to Omagh Community House.

  Loretta Brennan Glucksman,
Chairman - The American Ireland Fund
  Our leadership gift to the Community House represents the core belief of The Ireland Funds which is that backing the right people can result in the triumph of dialogue over division, consensus over conflict and of men and women of good will over evil.

  Brian Oliphant - Fund Manager  
The Trustees of the Omagh Fund are pleased to endorse the aims and objectives of the community house and to have given financial support to a project which they view as a 'living memorial' in the aftermath of the Omagh bombing on 15th August 1998
  Kieran McLoughlin ,
Director Ireland - The Ireland Funds
Our assistance to the Community House is a declaration of support for a deeply wounded community which refuses to recriminate, which has pulled together and which faces the future with new confidence

  Vincent Brogan - Omagh District Council  
"Omagh District Council was delighted to participate in a project involving the private, statutory and community voluntary sector that would impact on Market Street and Drumragh Avenue area.

Omagh District Council participated in the European Rivers Network (ERNIE) Project was aimed at enhancing the rivers within the district. Part of this funding was used to contribute to the Omagh Community House initiative that demonstrated good practice in the region. The choice of the Community House was based on its physical location, high quality design, and the opportunity to demonstrate the potential of the riverside walkway. Funding was provided by European Commission under the RECITE Programme."

  Nigel Mulholland, Nitec Solutions Ltd.  
"Nitec Solutions were delighted and honoured to be involved in the Omagh Community House project. The groups who will benefit from the new facilities each carry out vital work within the local community and it is only right that they have access to the very best ICT resources available. We are pleased to know that our contribution of consultancy and services has helped make this possible."

  Sandy Johnstone
Chair, Hewlett-Packard's UK
Philanthropy Programme Committee
"The Omagh Community House is a very
innovative way of helping a wide range of community groups. HP is delighted to be able to contribute to this effort by providing IT equipment which will enable the various organisations to work more effectively to provide services to their
target groups, and to work more efficiently together. HP believe that this is a best practice in community development work and congratulate
the Omagh Community House on their vision."

  Professor James Kearney -
NI Chair of the Community Fund
  The Trustees of the Omagh Fund are pleased to endorse the aims and objectives of the community house and to have given financial support to a project which they view as a 'living memorial' in the aftermath of the Omagh bombing on 15th August 1998.
  Mr William McCarter - Chairman of the International Fund for Ireland  
"The Fund is very pleased to have supported the development of Omagh Community House. All of the Fund's activities encourage people from different communities to work together for mutual benefit and the Omagh
Community House is an excellent example of this. It is an innovative project with a wide range of community groups being brought together under the one roof for the benefit of the whole community.

I would congratulate everyone involved in the project and wish you continued success in the future."


  Alan Hanna - British Telecom  
'BT Northern Ireland is delighted to be a partner with the Omagh Community House. In an increasingly complex world we think it is very important for organisations to work and communicate with eachother. This is especially important with organisations that are supporting the most vulnerable people in our society. In Omagh Community House there is an example to voluntary and community groups everywhere of the value of partnerships.'
  Peter Sutherland, Chairman of The Ireland Fund of Great Britain  
  The Ireland Fund of Great Britain is proud of its modest association with the Omagh Community House created by people who found within themselves the strength to make an inspirational response to one of the most appalling atrocities of our time.

  Maurice Hayes,
Chairman - The Ireland Funds

The Community House is a signal of Omagh’s rebirth, of its commitment to peace and reconciliation and hope for the future. It is a living centre which rebuilds and strengthens shattered relationships


  Niall Laird - Lairdesign  

The Lairdesign team were pleased to be involved as the Design Company for the Omagh Community House project involving the private, statutory and community voluntary sector. We hope that the website encourages users to obtain information and post messages relating to the both the wider and local communities.

  Alistair L McDonald
Regional Manager
Northern Ireland


'HP took great pleasure in working with Omagh Community House and in assisting them with their requirements for Information Technology. Access to IT in today's world helps provide the opportunities to integrate communities with support and education. We congratulate you on the work you have undertaken and are delighted to have played a small part in your success'


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