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Welcome to Omagh Community House.
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The Community House has become an architectural landmark within Omagh town centre with the high glass frontage overlooking the Camowen and Drumragh river confluence. The development of the Community House has been a key part of the regeneration of the town centre.

Omagh Community House is home to a range of community and voluntary groups who provide services to the local population. Within this dedicated space these groups can share resources, information, skills and knowledge so that they can provide a better service to their clients and member groups.


History Edit

The Omagh area has always had a strong sense of community spirit and has prided itself on its excellent cross community relations.  The effect of the Omagh bomb in August 1998 was physically and emotionally devastating for Omagh, its citizens and visitors on the day.

In the rebuilding of Omagh town centre many potential construction concepts was discussed.  Over time it became clear that many people desired the construction of a landmark building on the site of the Omagh bomb.

More than a contribution to the physical infrastructure of the town the building should facilitate the work of the community and voluntary sector within the Omagh area.  The concept for Omagh Community House was born.  
The Concept

 The community and voluntary sector within Omagh has always been active and is credited with much of the good community development work that has taken place within the town and its hinterland over the past twenty years.  This good work has been completed in spite of the sub-standard accommodation that many groups were forced to use and the dipartite nature of the sector given the limited access to quality office space and communication infrastructure.

Omagh Community House would provide low rent, yet high quality, office space for a number of these groups.  Housed within the same building these groups could share resources and network more freely.  As a result of these improvments these groups could better serve the needs of the local community.

Cost savings made by a group resident within the Community House could be spent instead of improving or expanding services to the community.

The improved networking offered by working in the same building would allow the resident groups to integrate their service provision and initiate a more formalised referral service for clients.


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